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Graphic Design

About Stellio Graphic Design Services

Stellio Graphic Design’s mission is to create and design work that helps turn your thoughts and ideas into reality through an enjoyable design process. 

Hello, I’m Stellio and I have been a professional Graphic Designer for over 6 years. During this time I have worked with more than 150 clients.

My passion for graphic design stems from my childhood interests in creative arts and technology. To build upon this, I harnessed these interests and developed the required technical skills and knowledge in the design industry via formal qualifications. Since becoming qualified and building my clientele, I have found myself on a quest to create original, high-quality solutions.

By focusing on my interests every new project is more thrilling than the last, and because of this, my clients are satisfied and loyal. I put my time, effort and passion into my client’s designs without the hefty price tag that big agencies charge.

The Graphic Design Process

The stages of starting a design project



Fill out the short brief on the Request A Design page and choose the type of service you require. Enter your business name, information about your business and any additional material I can use for the design process.


Research / Competition

The next step is to start researching your industry and competitors. This will help me make an informed decision about a design specific to your industry and also help you stand out from your competition.


Initial Mockups

This is where the fun begins as a designer, I will begin the design exploration process and provide a variety of design ideas to present to you. I will take your ideas and requests (if any) into consideration, and I’ll also suggest some ideas of my own as well.



Once we’ve gone over some initial mock-ups, we can narrow down the best choices, discuss feedback, make any necessary alterations to work towards a single, refined, perfected design that you think would best represent your business, product or service.



Once we have decided on your design it is time for me to start creating all the necessary file type variations of your design. If you’re unsure about how to use certain files, don’t stress, you’ll be given thorough explanations about it all.



All the files will be packed, signed and delivered to your email with a release of ownership and a guide on the file types and how to use them. I will always be available to contact if you run into any trouble a long the way.

Why hire me?

What do you get when you choose to use me for your projects


You will be hiring someone with over 6 years of experience in Graphic Design who knows the importance of creating a design that meets your needs.


There is a problem when cheap-designers mass produce their work, because they rush and have put little to no effort into their designs. You’re just a number to them and thats why I will always treat your design as if it were my own, ensuring you get high quality solutions that you will be proud of for years to come.



After working with over 100 clients and putting myself out there I have been able to build a brand that people know and trust. A reputation that has been built on promptness, professionalism and exceptional quality of work.

Let's Start Something new
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 Let's work together to bring those ideas to life, head on over to the Request a Design page and fill out a short questionnaire. For any general questions please visit the contact page